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Wicked Design

Our story

The story of Wicked Design started when we went to Indonesia in 2014 and ended up in the capital city Jakarta.  Quite quickly we discovered that there were a substantial amount of oil drums and shipwrecks left dumped in the ocean, which perplexed us. We came in contact with a small factory that tried to make furniture out of the dumped oil drums. Right there, together with the locals, we designed a number of furniture and ordered our first container to send home to Sweden.

Before our trip to Indonesia, two of us owners ran a restaurant for nine years and during the later years we had  focus on providing organic food and drinks.  Nevertheless we had not come across anyone that was thinking of the environment when it came to the choice of furniture. 

We now saw the opportunity to continue working with restaurants, but with interior design focusing on a sustainable environment and also a circular economy. The furnitures that we are designing and producing are all unique with a wide variety of patinas which give each piece of furniture its uniqueness.

After two years in business our furniture’s are now decorating a number of private homes, restaurants and offices. Along the way we found out that our customers do not only want to buy a piece of furniture, they want assistance in drawing and designing their entire concept as well as professional assistance in building and completing their projects. Altogether we have more than 60 years of experience working in the restaurant and hotel business and we see that this is a unique asset to assist restaurant owners and others in designing, decorating and building their dream. 

Basically we are now dividing our business in three different areas;

Concepts – drawing and creative ideas

Interior design – furniture and decoration

Construction – building